About Listing

How does the application work?

How does the application work? 1. Make sure to check if you are eligible for listing. If your not sure you can recheck our helpdesk, you will find an article about that just here. 2. Apply via our website and fill out the application form. 3. We will then review your property and decide based on the criteria to get listed whether we accept your application. 4. You will get a note of our team within 48h including either: 4.a Requests about some of your facilities 4.b The reason why we...

What do I need to be eligible for listing?

What do I need to be eligible for listing? To become a listed nomad-friendly property with us you'll need at least: - A legally registered and licensed accommodation business. - Broadband internet with a speed better than 5Mbps down and 5Mbps up. - Somewhere close-by for guests to work. - This may be a coworking space in or near your property. - To allocate at least 1 room to us on a 'free sale' basis. - Free Sale allows us to sell your room instantly A...

Do you accept apartments?

Do you accept apartments? Yes. Official short stay apartments rentals and apartment-hotels are a mainstream part of many tourism destinations which we cater for. Bookings longer than 3 months are not expected to be part of our services so long stay residential-style apartment rentals are not part of our service.

Do you accept home stays?

Do you accept home stays? No. We're not expecting to list homestays or unofficial accommodation properties. Our focus is on supporting the mainstream traveler accommodation industry who have invested significantly in their businesses and communities.

Can I list my Stay if I also live at the property?

Possibly. Its quite normal for owners to live onsite at premises such as guest houses, farm stays, BnBs and hostels etc. Nomad Stays adopts the same mainstream standards as are applied by many governments around the world for hostels. In essence owners or managers that live onsite need to have their own completely separate area independent of guest areas. i.e. - Separate bedrooms - Separate entrance - Separate indoor and outdoor living areas - Separate entertainment areas unable t...

I don't usually get bookings for a month. What prices do I set?

I don't usually get bookings for a month. What prices do I set? We have some great tools to help you set attractive prices for long stays as well as make more money than you do now. Jump onto the site and look at the Update Prices page for each of your properties and the Price Calculator (https://www.nomadstays.co/pricecalc-stays) page.

What Wi-Fi speed is needed?

What Wi-Fi speed is needed? Business grade internet is highly desirable but we understand this can be hard to get in many regional areas of the world. Similarly it can be hard to conduct video conferencing with internet speeds less than 10 Mbps up and down so if you have less than this we will need to notify guests in advance. Your internet setup must also be large enough to cater for all guests using it at the same time. - 10 Mbps is our current minimum standard for wifi download spe...

Must I have a co-working space?

Must I have a co-working space? Yes, or have one nearby. Our guests are fundamentally entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. They earn their money by working online regularly. Sitting in their bedroom working all day is not that desirable. Many guests make great friendships and business relationships with other guests in common work areas.