Do you integrate with Channel Managers

Do you integrate with Channel Managers


Not yet. We're working on it though.

Right now we have several Channel Manager technical projects underway which we hope to roll out in the next few months. In the meantime you can use our extranet to update your availability. Month long bookings certainly make it worth your while.


But how Do I Update my Room Availability

Nomad Stays provides bookings for rooms that can be sold instantly.

There are no 'request' facilities that allow a member to request room availability if its not listed.

It is therefore important to keep your room inventory up to date in our system. There are 3 common ways this is done around the world.


  1. Extranet
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Cohost



Today, like most OTAs we use an 'extranet' system that allows you to log in and update your inventory.

For instance if you have only 1 room available and it gets booked then you'll need to update us by 'blocking out' that room for the dates. If we sell a room for you then its likely that you'll need to update other OTAs extranets as well.

To use our Extranet you simply:


  1. Click the "Update Availability" button for your stay from the Your Stays page.
  2. Choose the Room Type you wish to change
  3. Set the new number of rooms
  4. Optionally set a limited date range this new allocation applies for

That's it. 


Channel Manager

For larger properties this is very time consuming so they typically use systems known as Property Management Systems (PMS) and sometimes use "Channel Managers". PMS are system you have ready inside your property while Channel Managers are usually cloud based systems that manage the inventory allocation for a range of external OTA.

We expect to be able to offer you both a great as well as affordable PMS and Channel Manager



A Cohost is a human management service where someone else manages all or some of the operations of your Stay.

Cohosts are likely to be located near your property and typically offer a range of services including:

  • Updating of inventory on OTA websites
  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Changing sheets and doing laundry
  • Cleaning rooms and replacing broken & missing items

They are called cohosts as you can generally work out how much of the work you do and how much they do.