Can you send me a Booking Request instead of a Confirmed Booking?

No, sorry. Nomad Stays is a booking platform that works on an Instant Booking model which means Members can secure a Stay immediately and Stays secure a booking with the minimum of effort. One of the biggest problems identified by remote workers and digital nomad is the time it takes to make a booking. (And remember this group makes more bookings that virtually any other group of traveller). At the same time one of the biggest problems with Stay Managers is the number of prospective shopper...

Tell me about Deposits

Nomad Stays doesn't take deposits. But you may choose to. To make a booking and take advantage of a deal on Nomad Stays our Members need to put money down on the table and pay a booking fee. These are confirmed bookings not just reservation inquiries. That is one of the ways Nomad Stays knows we're dealing with a real Member wanting a real booking. I want to take a Deposit Some Stays may choose to take a deposit themselves however. We suggest its best to do this by outlining your d...

What happens if a member damages my property?

As a general rule our digital nomad members are more interested in work and not partying so you should find them a good client to have. However sometimes accidents occur or somebody takes too much liberty. So how do you get damages sorted out when a member creates some damage? Lets start by taking a lead from world's best practices. 1. Have a clear damages policy at check-in 2. Take the credit card details for any extras and damages 3. Make sure you get names and address to lodge a poli...

How do bookings work?

How do bookings work? Bookings start when a guest sees a package and checks its availability in our inventory system. If there's a room/bed available the guest makes the booking and pay us a booking fee on the spot. We immediately confirm the booking to them and you. When the guest arrives and checks-in they pay you the balance of the package which is the price you've set with us. Nomad Stays offers 'instant bookings' so every booking is confirmed.

How do I know I have a booking?

How do I know I have a booking? As soon as the booking is confirmed we will email and message the details to your designated person. We can use SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and other instant messaging systems for your convenience.

Can you check with me before a booking is taken?

Can you check with me before a booking is taken? No. Our systems are automated and available 24 x 7. Our guests need to be able to book, pay and receive confirmation immediately. Our systems stop selling when your availability hits zero. Each booking we take automatically reduces the rooms quantities available and is set to zero when we sell the last room. If you find you take bookings from somewhere else and end up with no rooms left then simply log in (

How Do I Update my Room Availability

How Do I Update my Room Availability Nomad Stays provides bookings for rooms that can be sold instantly. There are no 'request' facilities that allow a member to request room availability if its not listed. It is therefore important to keep your room inventory up to date in our system. There are 3 common ways this is done around the world. - Extranet - Channel Manager - Cohost Extranet Today, like most OTAs we use an 'extranet' system that allows you to log in and upda...

Cancellations and No Shows

Cancellations and No Shows Nomad Stays is not an e-commerce style business with lots of occasional users. Its much more like a membership-based club where members enjoy amazing deals not found elsewhere. Which means they have a lot to lose by abusing the system. If a guest cancels within the cancellation period you'll be advised. If a guest pays for a booking and doesn't arrive (no show) then they are immediately suspended from the service pending a review. They won't be able to take up a...

Do you accept overnight bookings?

Do you accept overnight bookings? No. Short term bookings are well covered by leisure and business booking OTAs. Our minimum stay is 7 days.

Extra Nights

Extra Nights While we promote prices for fixed periods, like 7 and 14 nights we do allow guests to add extra nights to their bookings. For instance guests may want a 9 night booking instead of just 7 nights. In these circumstances we add the extra nights at an average rate based on the 'next shortest' period you've already given us. For example. A guest wants 9 nights. You've already given us rates of say, $280 for 7 nights and $420 for 14 nights. As 9 is less than 14 we use the next shor...

How long can guests stay at the hotel?

How long can guests stay at the hotel? Really you can allow our guests to stay as long as you like or are permitted to according to the laws of your region.

A guest without a booking arrived. What should I do?

A guest without a booking arrived. What should I do? Firstly, you should ask to see their Confirmation and record the number. Then, if you have a room available you'll want to secure this guest so taking a credit card deposit for any 'extras' would be a good idea. Next, we need to determine if there's been a communication problem with us so please contact us with the Confirmation number and details of the guest. If they have not made a confirmed booking in our system then you are free to ...