Creating Your Account

Creating Your Account


Preliminary Information

As you know by now Nomad Stays carefully reviews each applicant to ensure each Stay has the right mix of features that we need for our members.

Not everyone that applies gets accepted.

Your application however is not your Account Creation.

When you are accepting we send you an email with a special Registration link.  You then need to Create Your Stay Account from this email.

The link in the email allows you to kick off the process to:

  1. Create an account with us, and then
  2. Start uploading your information.

Until you Create Your Stay Account you can't enter any details so it is most important that Create Your Stay Account with the Registration Link we sent you.


How to Create Your Account

From the special Registration Link we emailed you will be:

  1. Invited to fill out the Create Your Stay Application Form
  2. Click the "Create" button
    • This creates your account in our system
  3. Next you will receive an Email to "Confirm Your Account"
    • This is a security check to ensure only genuine Stays are registering
  4. You need to click the "Confirm Your Account" link
    • This takes you back to the website and double checks your details
  5. After successfully confirming your account your Stay Account is open and you can log in with your chosen email and password

Shortly afterwards you will received a series of emails inviting you to the 4 - Step Process to upload your information.